Winner & Associates has successfully handled many cases representing individual plaintiffs injured by dangerous and defective products. These are often challenging cases, given the complicated engineering and design issues involved.

In 2004 the firm won an $8.6 million jury verdict, which included $5 million in punitive damages, on behalf of a girl who was injured when a defectively designed school cafeteria folding table fell on her, causing brain damage. The firm has successfully represented injured plaintiffs in a broad variety of product liability cases.

Initial consultations are free. Nearly all of these cases are handled on a contingent-fee basis, and the firm typically advances the costs of the case. Often, Winner & Associates will work with another law firm -- usually the referring firm -- in handling the case.

Winner & Associates is selective in the product liability cases it takes. Once the firm decides to take a case, however, it holds nothing back. The firm is thorough in its investigation, discovery, and brief writing. Winner & Associates works with the best expert witnesses, including mechanical engineers, human factors experts, and medical experts to maximize the prospects of recovery. Every effort is made to settle the cases before trial. The firm is experienced in negotiation, mediation, and issues of insurance coverage. Some cases cannot settle, however, and in those cases where a trial is necessary, Winner & Associates litigates aggressively.


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